The Practical Path

The Practical Path is a straightforward mind-training plan where we perform a series of simple tasks that develop the various mental skills necessary for Awakening and ending all suffering.

Each task has clear instructions, a laid-out rationale for its contribution, and well-defined objective indicators of success. Therefore, concrete results drive our progress. The path also includes precision tools for overcoming meditation's most common challenges, such as mind-wandering, physical or emotional discomfort, dullness and drowsiness, agitation, ideas, desires and aversions, worries, regrets, doubts, and more. 

By comprehensively describing the training process as a whole, The Practical Path ensures we're always making the most out of the time and energy we invest in meditation.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PRACTICAL PATH DOCUMENT | First Public Version 1.0 | November 23rd, 2022