The Playful Path

Version 1.7.1 | March 31th, 2023

The Playful Path is a practical mind-training plan where we play a series of simple meditative games that develop the various mental skills necessary for Awakening and ending all suffering: bright awareness, stable attention, powerful mindfulness, and profound equanimity, to name a few.

Each game has clear instructions, a laid-out rationale for its contribution, and well-defined objective indicators of success. Therefore, concrete results drive our progress. The path emphasizes the cultivation of joy and playfulness as major contributors to making progress effectively (learn more on page 2). It also includes precision tools for overcoming meditation's most common challenges, such as mind-wandering, physical or emotional discomfort, dullness and drowsiness, agitation, intellectual insights, impatience, desires and aversions, worries, regrets, doubts, and more.

By comprehensively describing the training process as a whole, The Playful Path ensures we're always making the most out of the time and energy we invest in meditation.

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