The English meeting reoccurs every Sunday and is comprised of four separate sessions:

Introductions, Sharings, and Questions - (1st Session)

The opening hour is dedicated to introducing newcomers, sharing experiences from the meditative practice, Q&A, and explanations about the various aspects of the meditation technique.

Silent Meditation - (2nd Session)

The evening's main meditation session (60 minutes long).
New meditators may meditate for 20 or 40 minutes should they choose to, guided by a repeating bell.

The Evening Discourse - (3rd Session)

An orderly explanation of the various stages of the meditation technique; the workings of the mind; and the path leading to enlightenment and liberation from all suffering.

Open Discussion - (4th Session)

An opportunity to ask questions, hear answers, and share your personal experiences. The meeting ends after the last question is answered, or by the end of this last hour.

You can choose and join the sessions you wish to participate in and leave upon their completion.

Face-to-face meditation meetings are held every Tuesday. Should you visit Israel, come and say hello. :-)