Intensive Meditative Practice

Online Group Meditations
As an integral part of every Sunday meeting, we meditate together in silence for 60 minutes, with no spoken guidance. A bell rings every 20 minutes as a possible resting or adjustment point. Our cameras remain open for us to maintain a sense of closeness as we each practice diligently according to our personal location on The Elephant Path and The Practical Path. We sit with strong determination (Adhiṭṭhāna): eyes closed and movement kept to a minimum.

Consistent Daily Practice
You can meditate independently or with other Adventurers in parallel.

International Retreat
We conclude every Adventure by holding an international meditation retreat, an opportunity to practice everything we’ve learned and climb up The Elephant Path further than ever before. Ideally, the retreat is 12 days long. Adventurers with limited availability may take a shorter retreat of 10, 7, 5, or 3 days. The retreat includes silent meditation, walking meditation, personal interviews, Dharma talks, and more.

Progress Tracking
Every Adventure includes means for tracking your progress. They help you build a sense of achievement, increase your motivation, sharpen your alertness to the nature of the process, and allow the teacher to offer you support from a knowledgeable standpoint.