Mastering the Meditation Technique

In each adventure, we hold well-planned weekly classes that offer an orderly explanation of the various stages of the meditation technique; the workings of the mind; and the path leading to enlightenment and liberation from all suffering. The covered material may include Buddhist Wisdom, Meditative Guidance, Neuroscience, and additional information supporting our progress. We choose the subjects we wish to cover by popular vote.

Questions & Answers
Regardless of the subjects chosen for our classes, we hold open discussions on various topics. You may ask the teacher anything you like and receive an in-depth response. Since we are a Sangha of peers, your fellow Adventurers may offer additional support to enrich the conversation with their unique perspectives, and so can you.

Regular Monthly Interviews
To make sure we all make the most out of our efforts and that none of us is left behind, each of us will have a built-in monthly interview with the teacher (four interviews in total). In these Dāna-based private interviews, you may share your experience, provide feedback, and receive guidance and support according to the exact state of your meditative practice. To enjoy even closer care, you may add Personal Consultations at times of your choosing.

Past Recordings
In its years of activity, ha’Mind Muar gathered dozens of past recorded classes. These videos allow everyone to master the fundamentals, and are freely available for Adventurers to watch and listen to at their own discretion. We also provide recommendations for various sources of supporting content by third-party creators.