Supportive Intimate Sangha

The Adventure begins with the self-introductions of all Adventurers taking the journey. We all start the path together, walk it together, and complete it together as one cohesive Sangha. New friends who wish to join us could do so as the next Adventure begins, not midstream.

Sharing Experiences
First and foremost, ha’Mind Muar is a Sangha of devoted practitioners. We all know each other and care for one another. Therefore, we dedicate the vast majority of our Zoom meetings to sharing the experiences and challenges we face, both in meditation and in daily life, viewing them through the lenses of western thought and eastern wisdom.

Throughout the Adventure, you'll have a series of one-on-one meetings called “Dyads” with each Adventurer in our Sangha. The Dyads allow us to know each other better, create a closer bond, and receive new perspectives on the insights and challenges of The Path.

Buddy System
We use a Buddy System as a means of ensuring our success on a daily basis. As the Adventure begins, you’ll meet your Buddy - a fellow Adventurer with whom you’ll keep regular contact. The two of you will support each other in the challenge of maintaining a daily practice; offer an open ear and a helping hand, and make sure you meet your needs and objectives beyond the group dynamics.

Discord Server
We use the Discord platform to sustain multiple private forums for receiving updates, sharing content, asking questions, and communicating with fellow Adventurers between sessions. The server also allows us to keep in touch with former members of ha’Mind Muar and aspiring new Elephant Tamers worldwide.

We’re committed to perpetual improvement by frequently encouraging our members to provide their input and feedback. We’re always mindful and alert to what we may change for the better and what should be wise to preserve. Your thoughts and suggestions are considered a gift; feel free to express them.