We invite you to join our Meditation Adventures - well-structured mind-training programs for promoting your meditative practice, experiencing the true nature of reality, and accelerating your liberation:

Intensive Meditative Practice

Four months, 16 weekly online Zoom meetings, over 100 hours of daily meditation, 3-12 days of international retreat, and the attentive guidance of an awakened teacher, supporting and tracking your progress.

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Mastering the Meditation Technique

14 online classes, over 50 hours of recorded classes, original new techniques & skillful means, supportive Buddhist wisdom & neuroscience, and 6 monthly personal interviews with the teacher, forming a clear path to Awakening.

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Supportive Intimate Sangha

Small in size (9-15 members), direct human connection (in a group and one-on-one), over 30 hours of sharing challenges and experiences, a Buddy System, countless opportunities for Q&A, open discussions, and 24/7 activity on our Discord server.

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