An Efficient Way to Meditate and Awaken

The Practical Path offers a straightforward plan for an effective and efficient meditative practice.

Originally developed by Oded Raz, it builds upon the core instructions of The Mind Illuminated and expands them, adding structure and insight to The Elephant Path, alongside a clear separation between actions we need to perform and mental states we wish to cultivate.

On The Practical Path, we perform a series of simple tasks that develop the various mental skills necessary for Awakening. Each task has well-defined objective indicators for success, allowing us to know when we're ready to move on, or instead, continue to strengthen our current skills.

We also receive precision tools for overcoming meditation's most common challenges, such as mind-wandering, physical or emotional discomfort, dullness and drowsiness, agitation, ideas, desires and aversions, worries, regrets, doubts, and more.By providing a comprehensive description of the training process as a whole, The Practical Path ensures we're always making the most out of the time and energy we invest in meditation.